Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

downloadGetting Your Home Ready to Sell

Once you make the decision to put your home on the market, here are a few things to do before the showings begin.

Give the inside of the house a REALLY good cleaning. Clean baseboards, door trim, ceiling fans, light fixtures, counters, blinds and windows. Deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms- make them sparkle!

Clean and/or touch up marks and scuffs on walls doors and trim.

If you are a pet owner, try to minimize any pet odors. This may require moving the kitty litter box to the garage or even cleaning the carpets. MANY buyers are very turned off by pet smells.

De-clutter! Clean out and organize cabinets and closets. You may as well take this opportunity to get rid of unused items by donating them to charity. This will give buyers a good impression of the amount of storage in your home.

Pack away unused personal items. Too many pictures and knickknacks are very distracting to buyers. They start looking at your doll collection rather than the size of your family room. Keep the decorative accessories to a minimum.

If some rooms are overcrowded with furniture, move it out! One too many couches? Oversized desk in the guest room? Move ‘em out! Oversized furniture and too much furniture make rooms feel small and cramped turning buyers off.

Spruce up the outside! Mow and edge the lawn, pull weeds, trim bushes and hedges, put some bark in the planters. You don’t need to put in all new landscaping, but a few small touches can make a huge difference on curb appeal.

Remove clutter and debris from the side-yards.

In the back yard, clean up after Fido!

Fix things that are broken! Leaky faucets, missing fence boards, broken microwaves, missing light fixtures, etc are all small items- but all added together tell a buyer they may be in a home that is not very well taken care of. Taking a little time and a little money repairing the small items can really add to the overall appeal of a home.

As a service to all of our sellers, we will make a visit to your home prior to putting the home on the market to consult with you on specific items that we feel should be completed in order to maximize your return.

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